Gamestop Black Friday deals leak, Xbox One bundle for $299!


With Black Friday creeping around the corner, and Cyber Monday right after, shoppers all over the country are waiting to line up for big discounts and deals on the latest and greatest tech products. While normally we have to wait until the week of to hear about these discount prices, a flyer for Gamestop has just been released showing huge discounts on the Xbox One.

According to a leaked Ad on Yahoo news, the Xbox One Game of War bundle will go for only $299, $50 off of regular retail. In case our readers were wondering the bundle includes a 500GB Xbox One, a controller, and the latest in the series of the Gears of War franchise.


Are our readers excited about these savings, or would you rather fork up the extra $50 and forgo standing in line after a long turkey dinner? Let us know in the comment section below.