Games don’t load any faster in Mango

Just yesterday, a developer uploaded a video claiming that games in Mango load faster than games in NoDo. This caught my interest, so I ran the tests on my own, using two of the same phones (T-Mobile HTC HD7), and the results are disappointing if you were hoping for games to load faster in Mango. Check out the video above if you don’t feel like reading!

For the tests, I downloaded the trial versions of Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Hydro Thuder GO, I Dig It, Rise of Glory, Game Chest Solitaire, Cluck It, and Hamsta Rocket. To ensure that both phones had the exact same situation, I restarted both phones after downloading the trials. Then, I opened one game on the NoDo phone, timed it, and then opened the same game on the Mango Beta 2 phone. The time was identical.

For testing purposes, I then closed the game on both phones, and then re-opened them again. Doing that usually caused the games to load about 3 seconds faster on both phones. For example, Angry Birds would load in about 13.5 seconds on both phones when you opened it for the first time. After opening/closing it, it opened in 9.5 seconds. That right there could account for the difference in time seen in the video claiming that Mango loads games faster. It is critical that both phones are in the exact same scenario.

All of my tests revealed that NoDo and Mango load at exactly the same speed. While it would be great if games loaded faster in Mango, Microsoft would have probably talked about that if it was a feature. As of now, Mango Beta 2 loads games exactly as fast as NoDo does. Check out our older comparison if you want to see how much faster NoDo loads compared to pre-NoDo!