Games Continues To Top The Most-Downloaded Category In Windows Store And Other Interesting Stats

Windows Store Stats 1
Last week, Microsoft shared the details about recent trends in the Windows Store across categories, markets, and more. This report will help app developers in understanding the general trends that can help help determine what types of apps to build or optimize your existing apps.

  • In April, Games continued to be the most popular category for all devices, followed by other categories with significant download share including Entertainment, Social, Music & Videos, and Tools

Windows Store Stats 2

  • On Windows, like our previous trends updates, Social is the #1 category with nearly 2x average downloads per app than the second category. Photos, Productivity, and Games are the next categories with the highest opportunity.Windows Store Stats 3
  • The market with the highest number of downloads is United States, though the distribution shows there are many markets that generate significant downloads, including China, India, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, and Russia. That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t consider other markets. Your specific app may have characteristics that make it perform differently in these markets.

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