GameAnalytics releases its SDK for the Universal Windows Platform

GameAnalytics today released its official SDK (Software Development Kit) for the Universal Windows Platform. GameAnalytics, as the name implies, allows developers to get advance data from their users which allows them to understand their players’ behavior in their games. At the moment, GameAnalytics is used by more than 30 thousand game developers around the world wide. The SDK for Universal Windows Platform from GameAnalytics will essentially allow UWP developers to integrate GameAnalytics into their game and get data about their UWP games on GameAnalytics. Morten E Wulff the Founder and Chairman of GameAnalytics stated:

“I believe the single most valuable asset for any game developer in today’s market is knowledge. Since I started GameAnalytics back in 2012, I’ve met with hundreds of game studios from all over the world, and every single one is struggling with increasing user acquisition costs and falling retention rates. When they do strike gold, they don’t always know why. GameAnalytics is here to change that. To be successful, game studios will have to combine creative excellence with a data-driven approach to development and monetization. We are here to bridge this gap and make it available to everyone for free,”

The SDK is already available for download, and developers can download it from GitHub here. If you are interested, you can also find all the documentation for GameAnalytics here. 

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