Game Troopers release Pool Tour Masters to the Windows Store

pool master tour

Windows Store publisher Game Troopers have just released a new game. In Pool Tour Masters you will be able to show off your skill and challenge friends and players all over the world in the game of billiards.

The game features:

  • PLAY 1 VS 1 OR TOURS: Touch to aim and hit the ball. Use all your skills to win in 1 VS 1 or TOURS MODE and get big rewards. Become a legend!
  • A LOT OF ITEMS TO EXPLORE: Win matches to earn gold and buy new cues. Over 60 cues to collect. There’s a cue for each kind of player! Take the one that suits you the most and win all the matches.
  • CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS: Play with friends and users all over the world in 3 amazing modes. Log in to Facebook, Gmail or FreePlay Account to play with your friends and send them gifts. Challenge your friends and show them your skills!
  • LOG IN EVERYDAY TO GET AMAZING REWARDS:  Every time you spin the Lucky Wheel, you will be able to hit the Jackpot. Log in every day to get large amounts of money!

See screen shots of the game below.

Find it in the Windows Store here.

Pool Tour Masters
Pool Tour Masters
Price: Free