Game Troopers release an exclusive Windows Phone game with Cortana integration




Windows Phone focussed game publisher Game Troopers has brought a new game to the Windows Phone Store.

Today’s title is “What in the world?”, an Xbox Live enabled quiz game by Plunge Interactive which players have to guess the word represented by a handmade image of one of the five available categories: TV & Movies, Characters, Celebrities, Cities & Countries, and Brands!

The addictive game features Cortana-powered voice recognition, meaning you can play against your friends without even touching the screen.

It also features:image

  • Compete with your friends.
  • Get extra hints for correct answers
  • Share your scores with your friends through Facebook
  • Advance through levels as your skills improve
  • Achievements
  • Voice recognition system in 9 different languages
  • Tiles and Cortana. 

Game Troopers and Plunge Interactive CEO Jesus Bosch says:
“This game is the product of our will to cover a whole range of genres and audiences. It is our first word game, and it won’t be the last one. We are really excited about what the reception for this game is going to be.”

The free game can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.

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