Game Review: Word Tangle Free

If you enjoy word games, you must download Word Tangle; it’s free, it’s really fun, and it’s really well developed!

Overall Score: 5/5

This game takes a simple word game, adds an awesome local high score mode, a fabulous online leaderboard system, and a plentiful amount of options to make sure you never become bored of the game. And the presentation is great too.

Gameplay: 5/5

In this word game, you are given a set of scrambled words on a grid, and you have to find words among the letters by drawing a path over them. In order to connect two letters, they must be touching. You can’t retrace over the same letters, but you can recreate words if you use different letters. You are given a time limit (which you pick at the beginning), and at the end your score will be totaled up depending on the complexity of the word. One letter on the game grid will become a double score letter, and will change while you’re playing, which adds some logic to the word creating high score competition. Also, another letter will become a time extender, giving you an extra 5 seconds when you create a combo using it. At the end, the game will tell you the words you created, and also tell you all of the possible words you could have made. Then it will tell you if you beat your previous high score, and give you a chance to upload your score or play again. Overall, the gameplay is fantastic and the controls work perfectly.

Presentation: 4/5

Word Tangle has some fabulously fast load speeds and a snappy interface. The visuals look very polished, and the interface is typically pleasant to use. There are sound effects in the game that tell you when you got a combination correct and when time is about to run out, but there is no music. This would be a perfect game to play while listening to your own music. To be perfect, it would need its own music, but nevertheless the game is basically perfect presentation wise.

Lasting Value: 5/5

The developer of Word Tangle managed to squeeze every ounce of gameplay out of the word game. Thanks to the robust online leaderboards (including upcoming daily/yesterday/overall scores in a future update), various gameplay difficulty settings, and fully featured local high score system, the game lasts a surprisingly long time. And it can be addicting! This game is a stellar example of how to make a simple game last a long time.


Title: Word Tangle Free
Price: FREE
Publisher: Cheese Zombie Games

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