Game Review: u.n.i MEGA PACK

u.n.i MEGA PACK combines all of the u.n.i branded games into one package, and is free to download. You’ll get games like Doodle Jump, Paper Toss, and more.

Overall Score: 3/5

Unfortunately, most of the games in the pack are really disappointing and aren’t worth playing. You’re better off just downloading u.n.i MINI BBALL alone, since that’s the only great game in the pack.

Gameplay: 3/5

Some of the games in the pack (like u.n.i JUMP, a Doodle Jump clone) are not nearly as exciting as the original, and just don’t feel right. Other games like u.n.i AIR HOCKEY has a subpar physics system and the computer isn’t fun to play against since he usually scores on himself. u.n.i SHOOT is pretty good, but the control system can be a bit annoying at times. On the positive side, u.n.i JEWEL PUZZLE replicates Bejeweled and does a good job of it. u.n.i MINI BBALL is the best game in the pack, and replicates Paper Toss quite well. The pack includes a beta and an alpha game, SLICE FRUIT and TOWER DEFENSE, which definitely need improvements in the gameplay sector. Fruit Ninja is far more enjoyable at this point, and almost any other Tower Defense game has more complexity than this one.

Presentation: 2/5

Some games like SLICE FRUIT have fantastic visuals (it looks almost identical to Fruit Ninja), but other games like AIR HOCKEY have confusing visuals (everything’s blue, even the puck!) Some games even do have music like JEWEL PUZZLE. However, the whole experience doesn’t feel very unified, and the menu system can be a pain to navigate. To get back to the main selection list, you have to first get to the menu of the game you were just playing, and then click the back button, instead of simply hitting back twice.

Lasting Value: 3/5

With some good games bundled in like MINI BBALL and JEWEL PUZZLE, you can get some decent lasting value out of the game pack. The games could benefit from some online leaderboards, but since this is a game pack, that alone helps the lasting value. However, most of the other games will be so bad that you won’t want to play them again.


Title: u.n.i MEGA PACK
Price: FREE
Publisher: .NET Architects, Inc. (DNA)

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