Game Review: Twin Blades

Twin Blades is an action packed zombie killing game where the main character is oddly enough a nun!

Overall Score: 5/5499e1f82-c526-4fee-81b8-7a7af3d31b93[1]

The exciting and challenging gameplay combines well with the cartoonish yet engaging visuals to create an enjoyable zombie killing game.

Gameplay: 5/5

The controls are simple and work well. The gameplay really shines as you progress through the story mode. Zombies become tougher to kill as you advance to higher levels, and boss battles truly challenge your skills. If you don’t use your upgrades wisely, the zombies will easily tear your guts apart!

Visuals: 5/5

It is clear that the developer of Twin Blades aims to create a cartoonish title, but the blood and guts that spill out of the zombies make the game visually satisfying (because blood and gore rocks, right?!?).

Story: 4/5

Along with the visuals, the story is supposed to be playful in its message. Zombies simply started attacking the city, and you, a nun, have to resist the waves of zombies! There really isn’t any explanation as to why you’re a nun, except that it possibly adds some ironic comedy to the game. Consistent dialogue helps guide you through the story mode.

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Title: Twin Blades
Price: $2.99
Developer: Microsoft Game Studios

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