Game Review: Traffic

Traffic was an insanely popular puzzle game back in my childhood, and it is perfectly replicated on Windows Phone 7!

Overall Score: 4/5Traffic

Although having fun in a traffic jam is quite a paradox, this game is extremely enjoyable! The puzzles are satisfyingly difficult and the lasting value is great!

Gameplay: 5/5

The goal of the game is simple: Get the red car out of the traffic jam and through the opening at the end of the 9×9 square. Cars can only move forward or backward, so you have to use some logic when moving the cars. The first 60 levels are pretty simple but help you get a nice grasp on the concept of the game. The remaining 150 levels become a puzzling challenge. You will start to see larger trucks that take up three spaces instead of two like normal cars do, which helps add variation to the game. The controls are spotless, and thankfully when you accidently don’t move a car all the way to where you wanted it to go, you can finish sliding it and it won’t penalize that as two moves. It’s a perfect classic game replica, and is truckloads of fun!

Presentation: 3/5

The visuals are really basic, but work fine for the game. The animations when you are dragging the cars are smooth and don’t stutter at all. However, the game completely lacks any sounds, which is slightly disappointing. But the load speeds and resume times are nearly perfect, which is always a nice extra detail.

Lasting Value: 5/5

Playing through all of the levels will most likely take you at least 5 hours! That’s some solid lasting value! You can always replay levels to try and master them by beating them in the least moves possible.

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Title: Traffic
Price: FREE
Publisher: Beigomon

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