Game Review: Toy Soldiers

Who knew that $3 would get you so little?

Overall Score: 2/5

Terrible lasting value and boring gameplay. Don’t buy it.

Gameplay: 1/5

This game has absolutely no progression in it. There are only 3 levels, and only two of them are actually playable. The third level (where you guide a rocket through spinning obstacles) is impossible due to controls which aren’t sensitive enough. Plus, each level doesn’t even have a star ranking system or anything… all you do is play to get a high score. You don’t unlock other levels by completing the first ones, you don’t ever die despite the swarm of flies overwhelming you… this isn’t even a game, it’s a joke.

Presentation: 3/5

The visuals and sound effects are fine, but the terrible lasting value and unexciting gameplay makes you not care about how the game looks.

Lasting Value: 1/5

For $3, you get about 10 minutes of lasting value. What a joke. There are THREE levels in the game. As reviewer Scarred6XX the Marketplace said, if “angry birds did this that game would cost $200”. That gives you an idea of how much a rip off Toy Soliders is.qrcode


Title: Toy Soliders: Boot Camp
Price: $2.99
Publisher: Microsoft Studios

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