Game Review: Text Text Revolution!

Text Text Revolution! is a fun little game where you type as fast as you can to test your Words Per Minute speed!

Overall Score:Text Text Revolution 4/5

This is simply a fun game for everyone to have. Because we all have touchscreen-only keyboards (except those Dell Venue Pro and LG users), many of us are curious as to how fast we can truly type. This free game answers that question in a fun and visually appealing fashion. However, the game is hurt slightly by its lasting value.

Gameplay: 5/5

You can play the game in either portrait or landscape, and you use the great WP7 keyboard everyone knows and loves. At the beginning, a word is presented to you, and the second you start typing the timer starts. While you are typing the word, the next word is displayed in smaller font just above the first, so you can prepare a few milliseconds before you get the word. To finish a current word, you simply tap the space bar. If you make a mistake, the game gives you visual and auditory hints that you typed incorrectly, and you have to hit the correct letter to move on. The gameplay is paced at a great speed, and you can really tell what letter you need to type next thanks to the visuals. Also, there are “achievements” that you can receive for getting a fast speed or making no errors, but these of course do not link into your Xbox achievements; Yet they still add to the fun. The online leaderboards also makes this really fun.

Presentation: 5/5

The visuals are really impressive. As you type letters, the letters of the word will fade towards you and disappear, which gives you a visual hint towards your progress through a word. Also, when you are typing faster, the entire color of the game will change to green compared to red. The visuals are very thorough for such a simple game. The audio is basic but extremely functional for the game: you have the typing sound for your keyboard (just like in normal Windows Phone 7) and a buzzer for when you get words correct or make a typo.

Lasting Value: 3/5

This game will of course not last for three hours like some other games will. You could probably get up to an hour of gameplay. What makes this game fun to play time and time again is the leaderboards and the scoring system. The online leaderboards let you compete for the highest score among the last hour, last day, last month, and all time, which gives you great incentive to play for a higher score. Also, the complex scoring system where your accuracy AND speed counts gives you good feedback on which parts you need to improve on.

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Title: Text Text Revolution!
Price: FREE
Publisher: dimar