Game Review: Tetriblox

If you don’t want to spend $5 on the official Tetris game, Tetriblox is a nice FREE alternative.

Overall Score: 4/5

The official version of Tetris for Windows Phone is better, but Tetriblox is nearly as good and has some great music and a fun high score system. And, it only costs nothing!

Gameplay: 3/5

When compared to the official version of Tetris, Tetriblox comes up slightly weak on the gameplay. The touch controls and gestures are slightly better in the official version, since they include a swipe down gesture to quickly drop the block whereas you have to tap a button to do that in Tetriblox. The official Tetris also has more gameplay modes and a difficulty selector, while Tetriblox only has Gravity and Non-Gravity mode. Also, in Tetriblox you can’t rotate the straight piece if you have it vertical and up against the edge of the screen, which can be annoying. Nevertheless, the rules and general gameplay is the same as true Tetris, and it still is enjoyable to play.

Presentation: 4/5

The music in Tetriblox destroys the official version of Tetris!! I actually found myself enjoying the music in Tetriblox, which therefore made the experience a lot better. The visuals are only average, but the game is really fast to load. Maybe if it was Mango multitasking enabled, it would score a little higher.


Lasting Value: 4/5

With the two gameplay modes, and the lengthy nature of Tetris, you can get some decent lasting value out of the game. Tetriblox also includes a great leaderboard system that lets you filter between weekly and all-time scores, so that you can compete with everyone for the highest score.

Title: Tetriblox
Price: FREE
Publisher: Jake Poznanski

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