Game Review: Taptitude Juggler

Taptitude: Juggler is another free Taptitude release of their fast and addicting touchscreen games, where you tap a number of balls to keep them juggling in the air.

Overall Score: 3/5

Unfortunately, the controls don’t feel perfect in this game, which impacts the gameplay some. The visual presentation is great, but there aren’t any sounds, which is slightly disappointing. The lasting value is decent.

Gameplay: 3/5

The game is very simple: A ball flies up on the screen, and you have to tap it before it falls below the bottom of the screen, otherwise you will drop it. As you last longer, more balls are added into the juggling chaos. The controls become a bit disappointing here, because there are times when you could swear that you touched the ball when it was falling, but it didn’t register as a touch. This can usually be prevented by touching slightly in front of the ball, but it just doesn’t feel right. However, the game has some decently exciting variation since the balls will be shot up at different angles, forcing you to constantly shake up where you are tapping and which ball you’re focusing on. But in the end, the controls hold the game back from scoring anything higher than mediocre for gameplay.

Presentation: 3/5

The game looks quite polished visually, but there aren’t any sound effects or music, which is a bit disappointing.

Lasting Value: 3/5

The game features an online leaderboard with weekly or all-time leaderboards, and a local leaderboard, which makes competing for high scores pretty fun. However, the 5 second timer that you have to sit through before starting a juggling series discourages replaying the game time after time to try and get a higher score.


Title: Taptitude: Juggler
Price: FREE
Publisher: 4Bros Studio

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