Game Review: Sun Carry It


4, 2013

WP Game Review: Sun Carry It (

Challenge yourself in this FREE difficult shooter game.

Overall Score: 4/5

Addicting gameplay and decent lasting value make Sun Carry It worth trying.

Gameplay: 4/5

In this game, you jump vertically and shoot your enemies while falling back to the ground. Unless you’re really great at games, you will probably find yourself challenged by Sun Carry It. Over time, your skills do improve (I mean playing skills, not some silly points in the game), and you are able to get further into levels. The difficulty can be a little frustrating, but it actually keeps the game addicting and fun!

Presentation: 3/5

The visuals in the game are slightly below average, but the sound effects and music work quite well. I really love the fact that the music becomes muffled while you jump in the air to shoot… emphasizing that you are focusing on the shot, not on the music.

Lasting Value: 4/5

I honestly can’t beat this game! I’ve played it for probably close to two hours and haven’t completed it. There are two more difficulty levels you can unlock if you’re skilled enough. It also has a very addicting sniper mini-game, where you try to shoot a ball in the air, and keep it bouncing as long as possible.QRCode


Title: Sun Carry It
Price: FREE
Publisher: PhantomLight Games

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