Game Review: StarTennis

WP7 Game Review: StarTennis (

StarTennis takes a new spin on Pong, and is FREE.

Overall Score: 3/5

The visuals are neat, but the gameplay is disappointing.

Gameplay: 2/5

Playing pong against the computer is fun… as long as the computer plays realistically. The issue with StarTennis is that there is basically only one way to score… with the exact same hit each time. The computer never accidentally misses. There’s also no options to change the AI difficulty, so you’re always stuck with this frustrating, never exciting computer AI. There is a VS mode, but that doesn’t make up for the disappointing computer AI.

Visuals: 4/5

StarTennis looks quite cool! It also has some decent music, and is Mango-enabled.

Lasting Value: 2/5

With such a bad computer AI, it’s tough to play this game for awhile. It simply isn’t fun like other games are, since it doesn’t feel realistic or engaging. There is some sort of online component to the game, but it is quite buggy and the majority of the time, the menu doesn’t even work.qrcode


Title: StarTennis
Price: FREE
Publisher: R-Squared

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