Game Review: Slideout

Slideout is a fun puzzle game similar to Traffic, where you have to slide blocks around in order to move the red block through the exit.

Overall Score: 4/5Slideout

This is a fantastic puzzle game with a simple idea, good controls, and average visuals.

Gameplay: 4/5

If you’re a fan of puzzle games, then you’ll probably like this free game. The goal is simple: Get the red block out of the box. To do this, you slide around other blocks and slowly move the red one towards the exit. The controls work well: you tap and slide the blocks to move them. The move counter in the game works well; for example, if you accidently move a block but don’t let go of it and return it to its original place, it won’t count as a move. The move counter will remember how many moves it took you to complete each level, but it doesn’t tell you the minimum moves a level can be completed in. The levels become satisfyingly challenging as you progress through them.

Presentation: 3/5

The game’s visual design is really simple but it works. There are no sound effects, but there really isn’t a need for any. The game resumes pretty quickly, and resumes right back to where you were, which is a plus. The sliding of the blocks is not always perfectly smooth, but it’s pretty good.

Lasting Value: 5/5

The lasting value will depend on how smart you are at solving these logic puzzles, but beating all of the levels (56 total) is sure to take you a long time. The puzzles progressively become tougher, so the first 10 should fly by quickly, but the remaining 46 should definitely slow you down no matter how smart you are. And if you want to, you can always replay the levels and try to beat them in less moves. There would be more incentive to replay the levels if the levels told you what the best amount of moves was, but even without replaying the levels, the lasting value is really great.

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Title: Slideout
Price: FREE
Publisher: Beigomon

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