Game Review: Shoop!

Shoop! is a really fun and addiction reaction-based game similar to Bop It, where you have to quickly swipe, squeeze, stretch, shake, or slap the screen in time!

Overall Score:Shoop! 4/5

While the gameplay is pretty fun and addicting, it doesn’t include local leaderboards and the online leaderboards can be somewhat demotivating since they only have all-time high scores, which hurts the lasting value. But otherwise the visuals are sharp and the sounds are great.

Gameplay: 4/5

Simple and fun. The two words that describe a great mobile game. In Shoop!, the game calls out commands like “Squeeze”, and you have to pinch in on the screen quickly before you run out of time. Then another command, like “Stretch” will appear, and you have to quickly respond to that. During all of this, the clock is ticking, the reaction time is decreasing, and the music’s pace is increasing. And when you loose, your time will be given to you and you can submit it to the leaderboards. Trying to get to the top of the leaderboards is fun, but a local leaderboard with your friends would also be nice. There is a two-player option in the game where you hand off the phone when it tells you to switch, which can be fun.

Presentation: 4/5

The music sounds good, and fits perfectly with the game’s style. The visuals are basic but look classy and polished. However, the visuals could be improved when you’re playing the game, since the virtual ball in the center of the screen has the exact same animation for each action. If you squeeze it, it will look identical to when you slap it. Otherwise, the game is fast to load, smooth to navigate, and quite polished.

Lasting Value: 3/5

Even though trying to get your name onto the leaderboards can take a long time, the inclusion of a weekly leaderboard would be more rewarding. Right now, the high scores are almost unachievable, which doesn’t inspire you to keep playing as much as weekly leaderboards could. A local leaderboard would also be nice, so you could track your own previous high scores and compete with your friends, but there is no local leaderboards in Shoop! The free and paid versions are identical, except the free version has a small unobtrusive advertisement at the top of the screen.


Title: Shoop!
Price: FREE or $0.99
Publisher: Joe Kaiser

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