Game Review: Scribble Defense

Scribble Defense is yet another Tower Defense game, but it has some unique characteristics that are worth checking out.

Overall Score: 4/5ScribbleDefense

If you download the free version of Scribble Defense, then you’ll get a pretty solid game (since the free version oddly has some extra levels and online leaderboards). The gameplay is pretty good, and the presentation is alright.

Gameplay: 3/5

This is just like any other tower defense game, except it has some special variations. A big difference is that you have an eraser, which you can use to scratch away at your enemy’s health (but it is well balanced and doesn’t make the game unfair). Another gameplay changer is the “Pull” tower, which will suck your enemies into it like a whirlpool and hold them there for awhile. Also, the paths that the enemies travel on can move and change as you’re playing. These new additions make the game a bit more unique and fresh to play. However, there aren’t any tower upgrades, and the selection for picking towers isn’t the best. Otherwise the controls work decently, and are easy to learn. The difficulty of the game unfortunately seems a bit low, since even the hard levels aren’t extremely challenging. In my opinion, there are better tower defense games out there.

Presentation: 4/5

The visuals are just alright, but the music is pretty good, hence the 4/5 score. The visuals never stuttered and were always fluid, which is always good.

Lasting Value: 4/5

If you download the free version (Scribble Defense+), then you’ll get about two and a half hours of gameplay. The replayability is pretty good, since your score is rated with a letter grade, and you can see which levels you got stars (A’s) on really quickly. Also, the free version has online leaderboards, which once again help the replayability. Oddly enough, the paid version (Scribble Defense) has fewer levels and no leaderboard. So download the free version; the advertisements aren’t really intrusive.


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Title: Scribble Defense or Scribble Defense+
Price: $0.99 or FREE
Publisher: Elbert Perez

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