Game Review: Sallys Spa

Don’t worry men, we won’t judge you for playing this game. It’s honestly fun!

Overall Score: 4/5

If it wasn’t for the weak lasting value, this game would be highly recommended!

Gameplay: 5/5

The gameplay in Sallys Spa is truly excellent. The variety of tasks you do keeps things exciting, and the flood of new customers keeps things stressful but enjoyable. There is even an old couple that insists they must sit together, thus requiring you to think on your feet and quickly react to how you will manage them. The controls work well, and the gameplay is overall quite perfect!

Presentation: 4/5

The game looks polished and the music goes real well with the game. No complaints here, but it also doesn’t do anything spectacular.

Lasting Value: 2/5

It only took me 55 minutes to complete the entire game. That is really disappointing. Sallys Spa simply needs more levels. You can always replay levels to get expert status on them or replay the whole thing on a tougher difficulty, or play the survival mode, but the main campaign simply needs to be a lot longer.QRCode


Title: Sallys Spa
Price: $2.99
Publisher: GameHouse Live

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