Game Review: Rocket Riot



Rocket Riot is an action packed mobile game full of explosions and fun! The arcade style visuals and snappy controls make this into an enjoyable shooter game.

Rocket Riot

Overall Score: 4/5

This game is great if you’re looking for some simple fun that can keep you entertained for hours!

Gameplay: 5/5 (Weighted to be 2x more important)

The game combines shooting and jetpacks with rockets and destroyable environments, creating an entertaining experience. The controls are easy to use, the variety of levels is great, and the power ups for your rockets are welcome. The campaign lasts over 2 and a half hours.

Visuals: 5/5

The game isn’t meant to be a realistic looking game; it clearly aims to be a fun and pixelated experience. This artistic design works well with the game, and truly comes to life when rockets destroy part of a wall or demolish your enemies.

Story: 1/5

There is a slight story to the game, but it is so simple and has hardly anything to do with the gameplay, that the game could benefit from not even bothering with a story (all it does is explain why everyone has jetpacks instead of legs).

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Title: Rocket Riot
Price: $6.99
Developer: Microsoft Game Studios

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