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1, 2011

WP7 Game Review: Revolution (

Revolution is a logic puzzle game where you have to make a set of gears start spinning by carefully laying out a path of your own gears (Video Review)

Overall Score: 4/5Revolution

The game is pretty fun and does have some really nice challenges, but the controls occasionally become frustrating.

Gameplay: 3/5

The variety of layouts to solve in Revolution is great. The fact that every move you make is counted, every second you waste matters, and every gear you use impacts your results, really motivates you to do your best possible to win gold medals. There are probably some better puzzle games in the Marketplace, but this offers some decent variety. The only frustrating element about the game is the controls, which sometimes cause problems. You occasionally have to place a gear with pinpoint accuracy, something a human finger + capacitive screen has trouble with. And each time you release the gear to see if it fits perfectly, it counts against you as a move! That’s not a move, that’s a millimeter twitch of my finger! But these occasions are usually rare and don’t have too much of an impact. The controls are decent otherwise.

Presentation: 4/5

The visuals are nice and simple, and the menu’s interface is perfect. The sound effects work, but the game lacks any background music to keep you entertained! You’ll have to resort to your own music collection with this game.

Lasting Value: 4/5

Beating all of the levels in the game will take you about 2 hours. Then, you could go back and try to get gold medals for your time, moves, and difficulty. There’s decent motivation to go back and win better medals on your levels since you probably already know the solution to each level and simply have to get there faster and more efficiently. You can also work through leaderboards and achievements if you would like.


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Title: Revolution
Price: $2.99
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

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