Game Review: Monster Island

Similar to Angry Birds, but more interesting!

Overall Score: 5/5

Monster Island is very fun! Great lasting value too. Unless you’ve already played Fragger, you should check it out.

Gameplay: 5/5

Monster Island is very similar to Fragger, if you’ve played that game. In the famous Angry Birds style, you throw objects at your enemies. However, in this game, you get to throw exploding monsters which turn out to be more fun and use more logic than most Angry Birds levels I’ve played. If you’re a fan of Fragger and already beat that game, Monster Island would be a great choice (they’re made by the same company, and are almost identical).

Presentation: 4/5

The visuals are colorful and sharp and look good. The music is just average, and becomes repetitive. Overall, the presentation is good.

Lasting Value: 5/5

With all four level packs, you’ll probably get around 6 hours of lasting value. That’s with only one play through! You can always go back to get all three stars on every level. And there will be a new level pack “coming soon”, which will extend the lasting value!


Title: Monster Island
Price: $2.99
Publisher: Miniclip

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