Game Review: Jet Car Stunts

This game is AWESOME. If you’ve never played it before and you like creative racing games, buy it!

Overall Score: 5/5

Great presentation, fabulous gameplay, and quite impressive lasting value. It’s my perfect game!

Gameplay: 5/5

Even though the physics are unrealistic, this game is a blast. Sure you can’t powerslide through a corner or drive upside down through loops in real life, but that doesn’t matter cause all that stuff is fun in the gaming world! Jet Car Stunts is a sort of platformer for cars… you have to navigate your car through a series of tricky jumps, corners, and obstacles in order to complete the game. The controls feel just perfect, and can even be customized if you want more sensitive or less sensitive controls. In addition to the platforming mode, there is also a racing mode where you race against the clock, giving the game a completely different feel. Previously, you were cautiously thinking about how much boost you need to use to make the jumps… but in the time trial, you floor the boost and move as fast as possible. These two modes keep the game entertaining and enjoyable. The design of levels is also fantastic, since each level always presents new challenges.

Presentation: 5/5

The game looks beautiful. The shadows and glows from the sunlight bouncing off the colored platforms looks great. The frame rate is perfectly smooth, and the game loads FAST. If you need to re-do a level, you don’t have to sit around waiting for it to load… it loads faster than the awfully slow Minesweeper game Microsoft themselves released, and it’s a 3D game! It’s also Mango enabled so you can quickly multitask. The sound effects are also great, and since you’re concentrating on the game so much, the lack of music is acceptable.

Lasting Value: 5/5

Playing through the game once will give you about 4 hours worth of gameplay. After that, there is a lot of incentive to replay levels, since you are rated with either a bronze, silver, or gold medal on each level. Since the variation of gameplay is so expansive, replaying levels doesn’t feel repetitive at all, and makes the game worth your money.
Title: Jet Car Stunts
Price: $2.99
Publisher: Microsoft Studios

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