Game Review: Hexic Rush


Hexic Rush is a fun Hexic title for WP7 but has slightly imprecise controls.

Overall Score: 4/5HexicRush1

While the gameplay in Hexic Rush is great and the Rush modes add some extra excitement, the control scheme isn’t the best and occasionally leads to accidental moves.

Gameplay: 3/5

Hexic is already a really neat puzzle game. It’s played by rotating the little tiles in groups of three, in order to create clusters of colors which will then disappear and give you points. You can also create flowers by making a honeycomb of a single color around a different color. Then, you can make a black piece by creating a honeycomb out of the flower pieces. There are also bombs which keep the game interesting. Hexic is well replicated on the Windows Phone, except the controls are tricky to use. Selecting a group of three pieces is imprecise, meaning that you may select the wrong group sometimes. The way the Zune HD game handled selection was far more accurate. I adapted to the controls over time, but they still caused issues.

Presentation: 5/5

The visuals are great; everything looks glossy and pristine. The sounds are also nice, with a slightly addicting theme song playing in the background and some gentle sound effects for your new pieces falling onto the game screen.

Lasting Value: 5/5

You can play Hexic for however long you want. In Marathon mode, you keep on playing until you finally die, which could be hours from when you started. The difficulty of creating honeycombs makes you try time and time again to become better. The inclusion of the Rush mode is also great, since it gives you a fast paced and action packed version of Hexic if you’re looking for something to give you instant excitement (puzzle games can be exciting!). Also, achievements and leaderboards help the game last longer.

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Title: Hexic Rush
Price: $2.99
Developer: Microsoft Game Studios

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