Game Review: HangTunes

If you like Hangman and you’re a big fan of your music collection, HangTunes is a perfect way to combine both of those things!

Overall Score: 4/5

The game does everything pretty well, but overall it’s nothing impressive. However, if you love trying to guess your song titles, HangTunes will be great for you.

Gameplay: 4/5

Instead of playing Hangman with random words, HangTunes picks a random song from your phone’s collection and provides you with the album art as a hint. You then have to solve the word by guessing the letters, Hangman style. Once you finish the title, you get to listen to the song as you begin the next puzzle. There’s also a Lightning mode where you can’t get any letters incorrect, but you’re given some provided letters and you of course have the album art to help you. One cool feature that could make the gameplay perfect is if the app had an option to play the actual song you’re guessing while you’re guessing it. That would make it easier than guessing based off the album art and would give you another way to discover and remember your music titles. However, it is pretty fun the way it stands, and it even has a career mode which encourages you to solve puzzles in both the classic and lightning mode, which is pretty neat.

Presentation: 4/5

The game looks nice and always runs smoothly and quickly. However, it doesn’t resume your current game, which is disappointing. But the music integration works well and is a great addition to the existing sound effects found in the game, and overall the presentation is pretty good.

Lasting Value: 3/5

You can definitely get some time out of the career mode, since it can be difficult to keep up the winning streaks it requires! And you can filter your songs based on genres which can help encourage you to keep on playing the game. The classic and lightning mode also helps keep the game interesting. However, the lasting value would be better with some online leaderboards or something else similar.


Title: HangTunes: Hangman + Tunes
Price: $1.99
Publisher: Stone Road Software

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