Game Review: Gun Bros

WP7 Game Review: Gun Bros (

Glitchy and buggy and slow to load… but once you’re playing it’s actually really fun!

Overall Score: 2/5

If the presentation wasn’t so terrible (crashing, etc), I would highly recommend this game! Stellar lasting value! Update: The game now permanently freezes on the menu screen for me, making it completely unplayable.

Gameplay: 4/5

At first Gun Bros’ menu may seem intimidating… yeah it has a really cluttered unintuitive menu with really small text. But once you get into the game and start playing, you realize it’s actually a great game! The variation of enemies is incredible… there are kamikazes, fast moving enemies, giant hulks, smaller infantry, bosses, and even zombie enemies. This game always stays exciting thanks to this great mix of enemies. Levels are pretty well designed too, and each world has unique powerups like a machine that slows down time or exploding barrels. And the selection of guns…. so many! And you can add different items to your character to make him stronger/faster, etc. And in my opinion, the controls are great and I had no issue with them.

Presentation: 1/5

This game doesn’t even pass Microsoft’s own Technical Certification Requirements for approving Windows Phone apps… it takes over an entire minute to launch the game. Microsoft says that “within 20 seconds after launch, the application must be responsive to user input”. This app isn’t even officially allowed in the WP marketplace! Plus it often crashes when you multitask away from it. And you can’t even play the game offline because you can’t use all the refineries for some reason without being connected to Xbox Live. That’s a big fail for me because I can’t play it while traveling on an airplane for example. And sound effects often go M.I.A. and randomly stop working.

Lasting Value: 1/5

INSANELY long lasting value! You could spend 30+ hours on this game, and when they add more levels (they say “coming soon”), I’m sure it’ll be more like 90+ hours! You also don’t have to pay a cent, just avoid all the items that require real money and you’ll still have fun.QRCode Update: The game never loads anymore and freezes on the menu screen. With all the other problems people have had with this game and how terrible Glu has been with supporting their previous games (they also stopped working after getting to a certain level), I’m not surprised.


Title: Gun Bros
Price: FREE (if you avoid items that cost real money inside the game)
Publisher: Glu

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