Game Review: GRIDD

GRIDD is a fantastic looking shoot ’em up game with addicting gameplay and incredible visual effects.

Overall Score: 4/5

GRIDD is quite the perfect title. It could use an online leaderboard to increase the lasting value, but otherwise the gameplay and presentation are spot-on perfect.

Gameplay: 5/5

This game serves as the best example of accelerometer-controlled games. Right when you start the game, it calibrates the accelerometer to the position you’re holding the phone’s screen at. This means you could play with the phone level to the ground, or at a 45 degree angle, or possibly even perpendicular to the ground. In the game, you run into a large variety of enemies. The rate at which the enemies appear and the power of your weapon is perfectly matched so that the game challenges you. Some enemies even shoot lazers at you or burst out an electric field that you have to avoid! And there is a power-up in the game too, which gives you a 3-bullet gun temporarily. You also have three lives to use, which keeps the frustration level down and the enjoyment up!

Presentation: 5/5

This game looks awesome, and sounds good too! The visuals are vibrant, smooth, and enjoyable to look at. The sound effects are great, and the music fits really well with the style of the game. But most importantly, the visuals are so great!

Lasting Value: 3/5

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have an online leaderboard (only local scores), so that limits the lasting value. Trying to go for a high score can take awhile and the game is always fun to replay for higher scores, but since the game doesn’t have too much to improve the lasting value (it does have a local leaderboard which is good), it can’t score that high here.
Title: GRIDD
Price: $1.99
Publisher: AntabStudio
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