Game Review: Glow Artisan

Glow Artisan is a logic puzzle game where you have to combine the three colors of light to create specific patterns. (Video Review)

Overall Score: 5/5GlowArtisan1

For a puzzle game that really pushes your thinking skills and makes you discover different perspectives to solving levels, Glow Artisan is quite entertaining. The presentation and lasting value simply add to the experience.

Gameplay: 5/5

You are given a simple pattern in the top half of the screen, and you have to replicate the pattern below, using Red, Yellow, and Blue light. The challenge appears when you have to combine specific colors in tricky patterns. Luckily, there’s an Undo button which has no penalty to it, in case you mess up. The game has plenty of challenging puzzles, making it a great game. And the controls work without issues.

Presentation: 4/5

The visual aspects of the game are simple yet effective. The audio in the game truly shines. While you are creating your colored patterns, the game will give you auditory hints when you hit a color which is correct. That little sound lets you focus more on solving the puzzle and less on looking at the example.

Lasting Value: 5/5

First of all, don’t buy this game if you don’t like logic puzzlers. If you enjoy the challenge of a tricky problem, you will absolutely love this game. You will get about 4 and a half hours of gameplay out of the main mode (if you are average at solving the puzzles). The inclusion of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for each level gives you a motivation to solve each puzzle faster and more efficiently, and adds to the replayability. Also, the ability to create your own puzzles from your personal pictures will help keep this game entertaining for a long while.

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Title: Glow Artisan
Price: $4.99
Developer: Microsoft Game Studios

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