Game Review: FreeCell

FreeCell is a fun classic card game for Windows Phone 7, and is FREE! (Video Review)

Overall Score: 4/5FreeCell

FreeCell has perfect gameplay and impressively fluid visuals, but may not last too long since it is simply a single card game.

Gameplay: 5/5

The controls work pretty well: You can scroll the entire card view up and down with the touch of your finger, and then drag and drop cards onto stacks. Everything is finger friendly and easy to use. The game perfectly replicates FreeCell, which is a really satisfying card game based around stacking cards from the low card to the high card. The game also includes a score tracker which records your wins/losses, and also instructions to teach you how to play.

Presentation: 5/5

The visuals are extremely fluid for a little card game. From the second you open the menu, everything is crisp, clear, and elegant. The animations between the menu and the game are smooth and speedy. The cards also animate when they are moved into their location to the upper right of the screen, so you can actually see which cards are moving when. Also, there are sound effects which help you recognize when cards move into other stacks and more. There is not music in the game, but you can of course listen to your own music, which is acceptable for a card game.

Lasting Value: 3/5

Since FreeCell only has one card game, it may not keep you playing for too long. It does have different difficulty settings which could help lengthen the game, but there are not any online leaderboards to compete with, which also slightly limits the lasting value.

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Title: FreeCell
Price: FREE
Publisher: Jake Poznanski