Game Review: Extreme Lines

Extreme Lines is an interesting new puzzle/logic game where you move colored pieces around a board in order to form lines of 5 colors or squares of colors.

Overall Score: 4/5
Extreme Lines’ gameplay is pretty fun, and its presentation is great thanks to its music, but the lasting value falls a bit short because it doesn’t have an online leaderboard.

Gameplay: 4/5
Any game like this is supposed to make you think and plan out all of your moves, and Extreme Lines does that! Unless you are wise about each move, you will walk yourself into a dead end. The game makes every single move count, which is awesome in a puzzle game. But it also includes an undo button in case you accidentally click something! And if you buy the full version, it has an “Extreme” mode which includes some power-up pieces which will explode and help you win. The pacing of those power-ups (called Special pieces) is perfect though; there are never too many of them so the game still remains challenging.

Presentation: 4/5
The music in the game is almost perfect, however the presentation is just average. Everything looks good visually, but the explosions and sparkle effects feel like they are running at a lower  frame rate, which somewhat diminishes the experience. But the music does make up for the visuals!

Lasting Value: 4/5
The game does have a local leaderboard, and it does have a bunch of different modes (normal and Extreme, easy and hard, lines and squares), but it unfortunately doesn’t have an online leaderboard. You can compete locally with your friends since you can enter your names next to the scores, but an online leaderboard would be really great. Otherwise, each game lasts a solid few minutes and is fun to pick up any time and play.


Title: Extreme Lines
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Blue Trading

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