Game Review: Draw a Circle

Draw a Circle is a free game where you try to draw the best circle possible using your finger!

Overall Score: 2/5DrawaCircle

While the idea of the game is neat, the game fails to be very interesting due to its complete lack of variation.

Gameplay: 2/5

The idea of the game is simple: Draw as good of a circle as possible. Then, you receive a score based off the size and symmetry of your circle. Finally, you do it all over again. Unfortunately, there’s a 5 second countdown before each time you can draw a circle, so trying again and again becomes painfully slow. However, the execution of the scoring system, and the fluidity of the finger tracking seems spot on. Yet, you feel like the game could do more than just circles… Draw triangles? Hexagons? Parabolas? Circles become tiresome quickly. The online leaderboards and local leaderboards are useful, but still the game should have more to it.

Presentation: 3/5

The fluidity of the menus and animations are perfect, and for such a simple game, the visuals are designed with detail and beauty. However, there’s no music or sounds.

Lasting Value: 2/5

Just like the gameplay section, the lasting value would extremely benefit from the inclusion of other shapes. The online leaderboards help entice you to try playing again, but the frustration of that 5-second wait screen limits the time you want to put into trying the game again and again. This might be a game you pick up once, and then forget about.

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Title: Draw a Circle
Price: FREE
Publisher: 4Bros Studio

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