Game Review: DelenarTD Remastered

WP7 Game Review: DelenarTD Remastered (

Play a challenging style of Tower Defense, for free!

Overall Score: 4/5

DelenarTD has great gameplay. It’s one of the better tower defense games. However, the presentation is simply average.

Gameplay: 5/5

I found this game to be very challenging. But that was refreshing, since most games are so easy! DelenarTD uses a style of tower defense that you may not be used to. If you’ve played GeoDefense, DelenarTD is completely different. Instead of buying a bunch of towers, it’s best to simply buy a few and then upgrade them first. And the terrain towers are built on actually matters! Placing a flame tower on grass damages enemies more than it would on stone. I thought about only giving the gameplay a 4/5, but all of these cool gameplay elements make it worth a 5/5. Grass even slows down your enemies. It’s pretty cool!

Presentation: 3/5

The visuals and music in the game are just average. The visuals are very basic, and the game doesn’t feel as polished as other titles like GeoDefense. Menus don’t even have transitions between them. But the game runs smooth and performs well. The song in the game is great, but there’s only one song. DelenarTD is not a game you play to admire the presentation; it’s simply functional.

Lasting Value: 4/5

Since this game is so callenging for me, I could easily get 4 hours of lasting value out of it. I seriously suck at this game, there must be something wrong with me! But if you’re good at it, there’s only 54 levels to play. Veteran tower defense players could probably beat the game quickly. Nevertheless, the game has an online daily competition, which keeps you coming back to the game. Plus, you can play the Endless mode on each level, adding to the lasting value.QRCode


Title: DelenarTD: Remastered
Price: FREE
Publisher: Mc Aulay Studios, @McAulayStudios

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