Game Review: De-BUGS

A quite unique game was released recently, called De-BUGS. It’s free, and has some interesting gameplay!

Overall Score: 4/5

With the fantastic presentation, intriguing gameplay, and decent lasting value, this free title is worth checking out.

Gameplay: 4/5

When you first start playing this game, you may not understand what you’re supposed to be doing since the instructions aren’t very clear. The goal is to shoot the same colored bugs into each other so that they start flapping their wings and eventually fly away. Sounds very simple and boring, eh? The complexity comes with the scoring system. In order to get higher scores, you want to hit as many of the same color together with one shot, since that will essentially multiply your score. You also have to plan out your shots so that you don’t leave one bug unhit, since you need every single bug to fly away at the end to beat the level. This is all timed too, so you quickly  have to formulate a plan and put it into action within seconds to score the most points on each level. There are three different controls total, so you’re sure to find one that works for you. With such a simple concept, this game actually becomes pretty interesting!

Presentation: 5/5

This is definitely the best aspect of the game. The menu has beautiful transitions between screens, and the visuals look extremely polished. The sound effects are also great and help complete the game. The developer truly spent a lot of time working on the presentation!

Lasting Value: 3/5

Even though you can technically play this game forever and ever, you will be limited by your own boredom. Some may say that it is interesting enough to never get bored of it, but I believe after a few plays, you might already be bored. There is an online leaderboard, but it could benefit from having a weekly leaderboard too, or at least a quick “Find Me” button to see your score, instead of scrolling all the way through the list each time. Another improvement could be a system where the game tells you “Excellent”, “Good”, or “Okay” after each level so you have an idea of how you’re doing.


Title: De-BUGS
Price: FREE
Publisher: XIMAD INC

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