Game Review: De-BUGS Pool

De-BUGS Pool is the third game in the series of De-BUGS titles, and is a pool game with some slightly different rules.

Overall Score: 1/5 2/5

In my honest opinion, this game is not worth downloading even though it is free. The gameplay isn’t challenging and the advertisements are annoying. Download one of the first two games in the De-BUGS series instead.

Gameplay: 1/5

The controls in this game are decent, and that’s about it. However, even the “Yield” controls don’t work well since you can’t shoot a ball that is touching the right or left side of the screen. The gameplay is extremely boring. All you do is try to hit all the bugs into the pool table holes. Unlike actual pool where there is a cue ball, you can hit any ball in this game, which really removes any of the challenge in the game. Plus, there is no end to the game. You simply do the exact same repetative thing over and over again till you realize there’s nothing more to this game.

Presentation: 2/5 3/5

The visuals are pretty nice, and the music is good, but the advertisements are ANNOYING! About every three levels, you get a popup telling you to either click on the ads, or download their other free apps. This ruins the presentation of the game. In the most recent update, the advertisements have been improved and are less common. However, they still consistantly tell you to download Bubble Birds for example, even if you already clicked on and downloaded it!

Lasting Value: 1/5

What’s the point of playing a game that isn’t challenging, doesn’t ever feel rewarding, and has no ultimate goal other than getting a high score? Doodle Jump has the risk of dying, Angry Birds has a limited amount of birds, but this has nothing to keep you playing again and again.qrcode


Title: De-BUGS Pool
Price: FREE
Publisher: XIMAD INC

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