Game Review: Crimsom Dragon: Side Story

Crimsom Dragon: Side Story is a new game in the marketplace for cheap € 0.99. This game has beautiful graphics and a nice gameplay, which means you can’t go wrong with it, also because it is not expensive.

You play a dragon which shoots other monsters while trying to avoid getting touched by them or their gun shots, which sounds very simple – but it is not as easy as it sounds.


Overall Score: 5/5

Nice graphics, nice gameplay, nice sounds, nice price – what do you want more? I can recommend this game very highly!

Presentation: 5/5

The graphics are mind blowing! You have excellent textures and colors and it still runs absolutely smooth (on a Lumia 800). The sounds are also high quality. Combined with the great gameplay the presentation is almost perfect!

Gameplay 5/5

Well, you just need to move the dragon up and down and shoot monsters, but it is harder than it sounds. You have to avoid getting touched by monsters and their bullets at the same time, which gets harder some time and meanwhile you need to target your enemies to kill them (if you don’t you don’t get points Zwinkerndes Smiley ). But you don’t always do it like this, some times there are bigger enemies which can’t get killed with one shot (for example the spider in the first level: You stop at its place and need to dodge while shooting – and you don’t fly around), which makes the game somewhat varied…

Lasting Value 5/5

OK, I did not finish the game so far, but as I had to play the first level three times, I would say the lasting value is good as the game takes quite long to finish. It isn’t impossible hard or so, but you won’t do anything at the first try, which is very good in my opinion. If you are a pro you will have finished the game in a short time, but every normal player should have fun with that game a quite long time. MSTagPNGRender[1]_thumb[1]

The several levels are also very nice: They are never the same and the game is very diversified.


Crimson Dragon: Side Story can be found here for only 99 cents.

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