Game Review: Cluck It!

Cluck It! is an awesome game similar to Frogger, with beautiful graphics and addicting gameplay!

Overall Score: 4/5CluckIt

This is seriously a great game! The only disappointment is the lasting value and the occasional times the game crashes while playing.

Gameplay: 5/5

This game takes a classic idea, Frogger, and gives it new life. Instead of having full control over your character’s directional movement, the only control you have is telling the chicken to move forward. That makes you utilize the moving lanes of traffic wisely! The game becomes extra exciting when you start riding on car’s hoods by jumping just in front of a car, scoring you extra bonus points and even combos. The variation of levels is fantastic: some levels have slow lanes of construction traffic, while others have emergency lanes featuring zooming police cars, and others even have adjacent lanes that travel the same direction. The game remains satisfyingly challenging throughout. And the controls are as simple as breathing… just tap the screen to make the chicken go forward.

Presentation: 4/5

Fabulous graphics. The 3D cars look awesome, and the shadow effects are well executed. The sound effects of the chicken riding on car’s hoods and crossing through the traffic are equally great. And even though the song is repeated throughout every level, it perfectly fits the game’s style and keeps the game exciting. The only thing that brings down the presentation is the fact that the game can occasionally crash on you. This only happened about 4 times while I played it for almost 2 hours, and wasn’t that big of a deal because you can just start your 60 second level over again, but it was a slight annoyance.

Lasting Value: 3/5

Since the game will only last about two hours, it scores a 3/5 in lasting value. If it had a leaderboard or some other incentive to compete for higher scores, then it would score higher.

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Title: Cluck It!
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Curious Bear Productions Pty Ltd

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