Game Review: Chicks’n’Vixens

Chicks’n’Vixens is the widely known Angry Birds alternative for WP7, and it has came a long way since the first betas!

Overall Score: 4/5

While the gameplay in Chicks’n’Vixens is really great with some incredible variation, the presentation can occasionally be affected by frame rate lag, and the lasting value is on the lower end of the spectrum.

Gameplay: 5/5

In the game, you shoot chicks out of a cannon and try to kill the vixens by hitting them hard enough with your chicks or with other objects. There’s a nice variation of chicks, from ones that shoot out eggs to ones that explode, which shakes up the gameplay in a satisfying and challenging way. The levels are each unique and interesting, and have plenty of elements like explosives and stone walls to overcome. The scoring system is really great too. You will get points for killing the vixens and also for breaking the objects in the game. And you will get up to three stars on each level depending on if you kill all the vixens. However, if you’re stuck on a level, you can always skip it and it won’t hold you back from progressing to the next level, thanks to the star rating system.

Presentation: 4/5

The game loads incredibly fast, sounds really great thanks to the soundtracks and sound effects, and looks pretty great too. However, there are some occasional frame rate stutters, which can hinder the gameplay slightly. Also, the game does seem to crash once you beat an entire stage, forcing you to re-open it and then select the next stage.

Lasting Value: 3/5

The game will last about two hours, depending on how often you have to replay levels to beat them. If you only have to retry every one out of three levels, then it should only take two hours to beat the game. There is some replay value since you can try to get all three stars on levels you skipped, or try for higher scores on levels, but overall the lasting value is a bit lower than some other games.

Title: Chicks’n’Vixens
Price: $0.99
Publisher: JabberWorx

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