Game Review: Bug Village

WP7 Game Review: Bug Village (

Watch my fun satirical video review of Bug Village! And don’t download the game, it’s useless!

Overall Score: 1/5

If you have nothing better to do and enjoy doing mindless tasks every few hours, then you’ll love this game! Yeah… don’t download it in my opinion.

Gameplay: 1/5

All you do in this game is come back every few hours and click a button. Sort of reminds me of the TV show Lost, where they had to click the button in order to keep the island alive! Except all you get as a reward here is more points. Plus, the game lacks any push notifications or a live tile, which would be EXTREMELY helpful for telling you “Hey, the ants just finished this pile, give them a new task!” Nope, instead of that they hope you forget about the game and then end up using real cash to buy things. Plus, when you get to level 15 or later, everything’s so crowded you can’t click on things properly anymore. And, at around level 20, the screen goes black and ladybugs stop appearing and you can’t even play!

Presentation: 2/5

Lacking push notifications, slow frame rate when you get to later levels, and MAJOR visual bugs when you get to level 20ish, where you can’t even play the game due to a black screen, as reported by a ton of the users in the reviews. The developers of course don’t care, and they haven’t done anything about the software bugs despite all the complaints.

Lasting Value: 1/5

This is about as entertaining as making a mark on a piece of paper every 1 hour (as I demoed in the video review). There is nothing challenging or rewarding to the game. If you like Farmville, you may enjoy this, but I enjoy games where things actually happen and I actually have to play something, not tap a button every 3 hours!qrcode


Title: Bug Village
Price: FREE (but uses real money in game)
Publisher: Glu