Game Review: Brain Challenge HD

Brain Challenge HD is a great game that mathematically and logically challenges your thinking skills (Video Review).

Overall Score: 5/5BrainChallengeHD

This thinking game has some great variety which keeps the logic puzzlers interesting and entertaining, encouraging you to return for more.

Gameplay: 5/5

The game has 5 different categories of logic puzzles/games, including Math, Memory, and some other great ones. This gives the game great variety, which helps to keep it from being repetitive. The controls also work well. In addition to the main mode, there is a Stress Test mode which adds more variety, and the quickplay modes, where you can relieve any of the mini-games you unlocked. Plus, they included some separate mini-games that take a different path from the rest of the games, like a logic game where you have to move cubes through a puzzle and try to connect them. Overall, the game has great mind puzzlers and amazing variety.

Presentation: 4/5

The game has some nice music and sound effects, and good visuals to go along. However the load times are slow right now, but that could get better when Microsoft releases their February update.

Lasting Value: 5/5

Thanks to the variety of mini-games found in Brain Challenge, this game lasts awhile. If you play it as you should, you will play it once a day, and can keep on playing it forever and ever. If you want to do more than the brain and stress tests, you can play the quickplay modes which all have different difficulty settings. Surprisingly, for a brain-type game, this lasts awhile!

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Title: Brain Challenge HD
Price: $4.99
Publisher: Gameloft

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