Game Review: Botchee 4×4

This game looks like it could be great, but unfortunately the gameplay is ruined due to a simple mistake.

Overall Score: 2/5

The gameplay would be considered “botched”, since it really falls apart. The presentation and lasting value are only average.

Gameplay: 2/5

At first, this seems like a fun competitive logic game you could play against your friends or against the computer, but you soon find out that whoever goes second will always win. You also learn that if you’re playing against the computer, he always makes the same move. So, for example, if you play seven matches against the toughest bot, and you are always the second player, you will always win, and the computer always makes the exact same moves as long as you place the same numbers. That definitely makes the game fall apart. You could play against a friend, but that’ll have the same issue since the second person always wins. This issue could easily be fixed if the app would rotate who goes first and second between each mach. The only fun thing is playing with more than just two people, since that seems to be less weighted.

Presentation: 3/5

The interface can be a little clunky, and the game lacks sound effects, making it only average presentation wise.

Lasting Value: 2/5

With such huge flaws in the gameplay, you won’t be returning to this game much.


Title: Botchee 4×4
Price: $1.99 or FREE
Publisher: Botchee

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