Game Review: Alchemic Phone 7

If science is your thing, or you simply like a mental challenge, Alchemic Phone 7 is a satisfying title for the price of free!

Overall Score: 4/5

The visuals are pretty basic, but it’s the gameplay and lasting value that truly matters, and truly shines.

Gameplay: 5/5

This game recreates the old 80’s game “Alchemy”, and plays similarly to Doodle God, where you start with the basic core elements and combine them together in order to create everything in the universe! The fun thing about it is that you need to use science to critically think about which elements should be combined. Plus, the game also has a great help system which features a time lockout, so you can’t excessively use the help. And the developer’s website for the game also serves as a forum to post questions and get some help for finding certain elements. The best thing about the help is that it never flat out gives you answers, it instead gives you riddles or suggests you visit a Wikipedia page and learn about the history behind the element. And even though this game frustrates you, you will find yourself returning to it frequently since finding new elements can be truly satisfying.

Presentation: 3/5

The game looks quite plain. The way elements in a certain realm continuously scroll and repeat can be annoying, but otherwise the interface is pretty functional. There are some sound effects for when you unlock a new element, but otherwise the game is silent, so you’ll either want to listen to your own music or enjoy the quiet thinking time.

Lasting Value: 5/5

Like I said earlier, this game can frustrate you, so you probably won’t be playing it for an hour straight. What you will do is open it up for 10 minutes, see if you can think of something new, use the help system, and then return back later in the day and give it another go. Chances are, you’ll be opening it up five times a day or more. And you’ll be doing that every day! There’s also a separate Alchemic Extras 7 app you can download which lets you submit your score to the leaderboards. That app also gives you one free riddle a day to help you find something new, which once again prolongs the lasting value over multiple days and even months!


Title: Alchemic Phone 7
Price: FREE
Publisher: Andrea Sabbatini

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