Game Pass gives Xbox ideas about games to “take forward” according to Phil Spencer


14, 2021

Speaking on the freshly released Kinda Funny Gamescast, Xbox head Phil Spencer, revealed that Game Pass is informing Xbox about what projects to pick up and take forward. 

“Absolutely it does, a little bit even as a tastemaker,” Spencer remarked, responding to a question about legacy IP’s role within Game Pass and if they inform reboots.

With so many games on the Xbox Game Pass platform, gamers have access to a vast catalogue of games they might be interested in but missed the first time around. “Take Prey which I think was an amazing game when it came out, but a lot of people missed Prey, it’s a little bit too scary for me,” Spencer joked as he explained that via Game Pass people can freely test if it’s their thing. 

“Seeing more people playing something like Prey, or Dishonored or going back to Fable and you can talk about those games, for us as we sit back as a creative organisation and watch what people are interested in.” Spencer continued his explanation, saying that Game Pass “gives us more data to think about things that we might pick up and take forward with new ideas and new teams that might want to go do that.”

Spencer went on to say that “Game Pass has definitely been a great source” with the information that it provides, but it’s not just limited to old games. “It was amazing when Bethesda came in and we were able to put so many of the ‘old new’ games into Game Pass and going back with the legacy that we have with some of the IP.”

 “We’ll stay on that because Game Pass gives us a business model where that makes sense. It doesn’t have to be a GAS [game as a service] version of a game, it can just be ‘this game sits there’ and people enjoy it on the service.”

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Without the full commitment of purchasing just one title, Game Pass allows users to dabble in any game that might take their fancy, giving a huge amount more data to Xbox which they can then pass on to third parties and Xbox’s own long list of studios so they know just what to make and which direction to go in, which of course includes which properties it might be time to reboot.

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