Game: LeaderFlip – Flip the German Chancellor to the Moon



Do you sometimes get tired of your country leader? Do you sometimes feel the urge to just flip them to the moon?

In LeaderFlip you take it on German Chancellor “Angie Makel” and try to flip her as high as you can. Angie is tied up and in order to flip her up you have to make her jump on the floating platforms. The platforms are moved by tilting your phone.

On the way up you will come across many funny items that will either help you flip Angie up higher or hinder you in doing so. You will for example find fart boosts from beans and whoopee cushions or beer that will make you drunk. You also will have to look out for Angie’s diet – if you eat sausages you will make her heavy and difficult to flip. Look out for salad instead to make her lighter.

Also beware of the flying toilette plumper! It will suck on Angie’s head and fly her back down for some distance.

While jumping up you will also be collecting coins. These can be used in a shop to buy update items. You can for example put Angie in a traditional German Dirndl to make her lighter or equip her with some hot jumping high heels. You also find live saving gadgets like a time freezer or jetpack in the shop.

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LeaderFlip is available for 0,99 $ from the Microsoft marketplace. A demo mode is available which allows full game play except for buying items at the shop.

Title: LeaderFlip

Price: $0.99

Publisher: klutzGames

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