Gallery: Windows 10 Build 10537 Screenshots

Screenshot (5)

Last week, we gave you a quick look at Build 10537. Today, the build has been leaked online, and we’ve got our hands-on the build just now. For those wondering, there aren’t any major additions on the latest build.

On Build 10537, Microsoft has added the opening/closing animations for Store aka modern apps which makes the user experience feel a lot better. Here’s a GIF showing off the new animation:


Alongside the new animations, Microsoft has also added a handful of new icons for the Device Manager, and for the deeper parts of the OS.

Another minor change is the darker background color for the white context menus. Microsoft has also added the ability to hide your local IP address over WebRTC connections, which is also a pretty handy addition.

It’s worth noting that I’ve also noticed a new feature which is quite interesting — if you start-up the OS for the first time, Windows won’t start installing the pre-installed apps. Instead, Windows will quickly install the an app when you open it.

Nonetheless, here are some screenshots:

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