Gallery of Samsung Omnia 2, HTC HD2 and HTC Touch2 pictures



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Our friends at attended the Polish Windows Mobile 6.5 launch party and came away with these pictures of the handsets presented here, and also their impressions.

They note the screen on the Omnia 2 was amazing, but disliked the coherence of the various themes, which they descibe as being out together by 10 different people who never spoke to each other, and also found the dark theme, while fine for saving battery life, too dull.

The 800 Mhz device was responsive, except when scrolling the home screen, where it did lag unfortunately.

DSC_8475The other main device of note is the HTC HD2, which we have heard nearly everything about all ready. Copilot is confirmed as the GPS application installed. They note the performance of the device is great, even with media playback or on the animated home screen, but that the screen is on the too large side, with left handed users expected to have difficulty reaching the Ok button with their thumb while holding it in their hand.

Lastly the Touch2 is noted to be small and elegant and, according to the hostess, quite feminine.  I note from the pictures that HTC has by some miracle made the QVGA screen disappear from the user interface, which should mean the device remains a viable choice despite this impediment.

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