Reliable tipster reveals Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 specs


19, 2021

We recently reported Samsung will embrace Google’s WearOS to run its upcoming smartwatches, Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Active 4. We also heard that Samsung will keep the design of the WearOS similar to that of the TizenOS. Now, reliable tipster Ice Universe has also claimed the same saying that Samsung will use some of the design elements of TizenOS to tweak the design of the WearOS.

The tipster has also given us some valuable information about the specs of the Galaxy Watch Active 4. According to the tipster, the Galaxy Watch Active 4 will feature a narrow bezel and will have 2D tempered glass and not 2.5D glass as many users expected. The frame of the smartwatch will be made of titanium alloy, and that, according to the tipster, will give the frame an excellent texture. The Galaxy Watch Active 4 will be based on a 5nm processor.

Unfortunately, that’s all that we know about the specs of the Galaxy Watch Active 4. Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated about all the future developments related to the smartwatch.

Meanwhile, Galaxy Watch 4 won’t be very different from the Watch Active 4, though we might see some minor differences in terms of designs and features. And just like Watch Active 4, the Watch 4 will also be based on WearOS.

Both Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch Active 4 are expected to see the light of the day sometime in Q2 2021.

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