Samsung is expected to bring its upcoming flagship smarpthone at the beginning of next year, meaning we’re still a few months away from the launch date, but as is the case with all pretty much every popular branded flagship smartphone, the leaks about the Galaxy S21(or it might be called S30) have already started surfacing on the internet well before the launch date, giving us key details about Samsung upcoming flagship lineup.

Courtesy of German website GalaxyClub, we got to know fresh details about the specifications of the upcoming S21+ smartphone. A battery that carries a model number EB-BG996ABY has been spotted and according to the German website, the battery that Samsung listed is of a smartphone with model number SM-G996, which happens to be the Samsung Galaxy S21+.

The listing also suggests that the S21+ will have more battery capacity than its predecessor, Galaxy S20+. The Galaxy S21+ battery has a rated capacity of 4,660mAh and given the fact that the difference between the rated capacity and the actual capacity in S20+ is 130mAh, we expect actual battery capacity of the S21+ to be 4,800mAh — that’s 300mAh more than the S20+, which packs a 4,500mAh battery. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information on the battery capacity of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but it’s now pretty much safe to say that the ‘Ultra’ model will offer more battery capacity than its predecessor.

According to previous rumors, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be powered by much-hyped Exynos 1000, which is based on the 5nm manufacturing process, and the lower model that is Galaxy S21 will be powered by less-powerful Exynos 991/992. Rumor also has it that, Samsung is going to completely ditch the Snapdragon 875 in favor of Exynos 1000 in the Galaxy S21 Ultra.