The $1,300 Galaxy Note20 Ultra fails to survive JerryRigEverything’s burn test

by Rahul
August 17, 2020

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note20 is one of the priciest smartphones available in the market and that creates a general perception that the smarpthone must be great at what it does and while the general perception might be true, Samsung’s $1,300 Note20 Ultra is definitely not the most durable smarpthone that money can buy.

Famous YouTuber Zac Nelson over at JerryRigEverything put the Galaxy Note20Ultra to test as he usually does to other smartphones. The result: the ultra-premium smartphone passed all of his tests except one. The $1,300 smarpthone has failed the JerryRigEverything’s burn test, which is a heat test by a small fire from a lighter, as the display of the Note20 Ultra started to black and stays burnt, something that we don’t usually see in a smartphone that features an AMOLED panel.

After about 23 seconds, the screen started to black which is something we normally see on LCD screens. This guy doesn’t recover and stays burnt, rather interesting for an AMOLED. And just another prime example of why we really have no idea why the burn test exists.

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra survived bend test, scratch test and this is definitely not something that will surprise you as you’re spending an eye-watering $1,300 on it.  You can watch JerryRigEverything’s Note20 Ultra durability test video below.

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