In the wake of indie game developers banding together to oppose G2A and G2A responding to the allegations of illegally acquired keys being resold on the site, G2A has now proposed the creation of a ‘key blocking tool’ for both the key resale site and game developers to use.

Their proposal would require at least 100 developers to sign up to the scheme before the 15th of August.

G2A’s breakdown of how the key blocking tool scheme would work is as follows:

“You, the developer, only need to get verified. All you have to do is prove that you can act in the name of the studio you’re representing, so that we can deter any impostors. Once your identity is confirmed, you will gain access to two separate sections.”

“The first of these is the “Review keys” part. Once you generate keys to be sent out for a review to various sources, all you would need to do is select your game in our panel and paste the keys you don’t want to pop up on our marketplace.”

“Once that’s done, each time anyone tries to sell a key for your game, our algorithm will check the keys you have provided us with. If there is a match, the seller will get a notification that the key has been blocked so that they can’t sell it.”

“The second section would be the “Giveaway” part. This panel works in the same way as the previous one – just fill in the keys you will be giving out that you don’t want sold before you start the giveaway.”

“If a seller tries to sell more than 3 keys that match the ones in the giveaway database, our system won’t allow that.”

However, the company also points out that developing such a solution will be ‘time-consuming and expensive’, but say they’d be willing to cover the costs so long as developers promise to use it.

If you’re a developer and you want to sign up to work with G2A, you can fill out the form found here.